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About This Project

SVP Worldwide

Newly emerged from a buy-out and near bankruptcy in 2005, the new owners of the 150-year old Singer Sewing Company had very little idea of what they had retained in the transition, other than a brand with some presence in over 150 countries worldwide. There had been a virtual absence of direct dialogue with consumers in over 20 years, and very little idea of even who that consumer still was and the brand’s continued relevance.
Our initial charge was to  initially assess, then create a foundation and action plan to re-build the brand, both in the US and globally. After an intensive few years of insight, strategic and creative work, the brand had a much stronger focus and showed real traction in the market. As a result, the owners opted to expand the portfolio and purchase two higher end brands, Husqvarna Viking in Sweden, and Pfaff in Germany. These acquisitions required a fresh approach to bring the three brands together under a cogent portfolio offering, but the Singer foundational approach proved a strong starting point. In addition to maintaining a regular, rigorous regimen of consumer insight work worldwide, we built a broad strategic platform for the portfolio, and then build global brand manuals that illustrated distinct strategic and creative approaches for each brand, built on their legacies but defined within their market niche and the overall portfolio. We did extensive work as well with the global product development teams, helping them not only to define and vet their innovation roadmap, but creating a significant portion of the industrial design, most holistically for Singer. We also helped to define and found a global licensing program, including the valuation of the brand marks and the viable extension categories that would create new revenue and brand presence without diluting or confusing the core brands. As a part of this effort, we created a large e-commerce platform to promote and sell embroidery designs. Lastly, we were pivotal in the identification, evaluation, creation and management of a long-term relationship between the SVP portfolio and Martha Stewart/MSLO.
The new Singer machine platform, recalling the heritage shape with modern updates, has been successfully adopted globally.